Specializing in Thai massage, Californian, Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue massage incorporating, Muscle Stretching, Abdominal Detox massage also available. Let me tailor-make a massage for you in your home or hotel room.


By appointment from 9AM to 10PM
Non-medical prestations
Rates and length upon request

Yannick Paillet
[email protected]

Therapeutic herbs

Therapeutic herbs are derived from aromatic plants, and are used during a massage. They are chosen for their varying benefits and attributes. Picked fresh, cut into small pieces and mixed, these herbs are typically placed in a pouch for use during the massage. The compress is usually heated with steam before being applied with pressures on different parts of the body. Under the effect of heat, the herbs release their active ingredients and have a relaxing, and decongestant effect. Basic herbs include lemongrass, plai root, turmeric, camphor, kaffir lime, and tamarind.