Sesame oil is obtained from the seeds of the Sesame plant (which is grown in Asia and Africa). The unroasted seeds are cold pressed for the oil. It is a dry oil that penetrates quickly into the skin without leaving

Sports massage is designed in response to, and for the prevention of, muscular injuries, and to contribute to psychic recovery for both the casual and professional athlete. This massage consists of specific techniques such as friction, kneading, smooth stroking, percussion,

Stiffness is a cramp or benign muscle pain usually caused by microtrauma during intense exercise or unusual movements, and is usually the result of reduced oxygen supply to the muscle, which results in a build-up of lactic acid. Stiffness is

Through stretching of the muscles, this massage helps develop and improve flexibility in the body and eliminate daily stress. The stretching exercises are slow and synchronized with the breathing. . Benefits include : - stretches the tendons - increases the range of motion - relaxes

This is a dynamic massage and manual therapy with fluid and long movements. It utilizes pressure and percussion, effleurage (which involves circular stroking movements with the palm of the hand), kneading, friction, vibration and tapping. This massage technique serves as