DETOX YOUR ABDOMEN WITH MAYA ABDOMINAL MASSAGE Restore Your Internal Health with Maya Abdominal Massage What is Maya Abdominal Massage? Maya Abdominal Massage is a Sanskrit word derived from several Indian religions but also refers to the mother of Buddha. It is a


Acupressure: is a technique derived from traditional Chinese medicine. It targets the precise points on the meridians, using the pressure of the fingers, feet or elbows. Acupuncture uses needles on these points. . .

Californian massage

This is a relaxing body massage dating from the 1970's. This practice uses long, slow and fluid movements, gentle strokes, enveloping and relaxation that gradually intensifies to relieve deep tensions. Benefits include : - pain relief - promotes and encourages body ‘memory’ - provides

Deep-tissue massage

This is a massage method focused on loosening the muscles and the fascias that surround them. It involves grasping and stretching the tissues, muscle and myofacial fibers, and reducing adhesions that exist between the different layers of muscles and fasciae.


Effleurage is a gentle massage technique that involves sliding both hands together over the body. The practitioner uses the palms of the hands and the fleshy part of the fingertips, with light pressure. For stronger pressure, the thumbs and joints


a fascia is an elastic, fibrous membrane with no distinctly defined contours. It serves as an envelope for different organs or different parts of the body (muscles, abdomen, etc.). The fascias are interconnected.. .


Friction is a deep massage technique. It is performed using the fingertips or the bulbs of the thumbs with firm and intense pressure, following a fast circular movement. . .

Hawaiian massage

This is an ancient technique inherited from the natives and traditional healers of Hawaii. Lomi means to massage, rub, squeeze, knead, or caress. Massage is done using hands, forearms, thumbs, and fingertips. Benefits include : - reduced muscular tension - soothes stress - stimulates

Hot Stone massage

This massage technique originated from the Native American Indian and Hawaiian people, and uses smooth volcanic stones that are either flat or curved. They are placed on points of energy on the body. The massage is conducted by pressing the


Kneading  is practiced superficially or with more depth using both hands together on the muscles. The practitioner uses the palm or heels of both hands at the same time. He can also use the fingertips and thumbs. The masseur grasps,


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according to traditional Chinese medicine, meridians are journeys, lines or channels in which energy circulates in the body; and there are 14 meridians. Yin meridians circulate from the bottom to the top on the front of the body, while Yan


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Organic coconut oil

Organic coconut oil is a vegetable oil obtained from fresh coconut pulp. Extra virgin, first cold pressed, naturally scented coconut oil is highly appreciated for its soothing, softening and moisturizing properties on the skin and muscles. It occurs in solid


Percussion or tapping is a massage technique that consists of successive strikes with a ‘slice’ of one or both hands, simultaneously or alternately. The hands can also be formed into spoon shapes and used for percussion. .

Sesame oil

Sesame oil is obtained from the seeds of the Sesame plant (which is grown in Asia and Africa). The unroasted seeds are cold pressed for the oil. It is a dry oil that penetrates quickly into the skin without leaving

Sports massage

Sports massage is designed in response to, and for the prevention of, muscular injuries, and to contribute to psychic recovery for both the casual and professional athlete. This massage consists of specific techniques such as friction, kneading, smooth stroking, percussion,


Stiffness is a cramp or benign muscle pain usually caused by microtrauma during intense exercise or unusual movements, and is usually the result of reduced oxygen supply to the muscle, which results in a build-up of lactic acid. Stiffness is

Stretch massage

Through stretching of the muscles, this massage helps develop and improve flexibility in the body and eliminate daily stress. The stretching exercises are slow and synchronized with the breathing. . Benefits include : - stretches the tendons - increases the range of motion - relaxes

Swedish massage

This is a dynamic massage and manual therapy with fluid and long movements. It utilizes pressure and percussion, effleurage (which involves circular stroking movements with the palm of the hand), kneading, friction, vibration and tapping. This massage technique serves as

Thai herbal hot packs

This specific Thai massage utilizes selected therapeutic herbs. They are wrapped in a steamed muslin pouch. The practitioner applies these compresses using pressure on the meridians and the pain points. . Benefits include : - relief of muscle and joint pain - reduced stress

Thai massage

Originally from northern India, this ancient massage technique was integrated with traditional Thai medicine. Thai massage is a mix of kneading, acupressure and stretching along the energy lines. Extremely comprehensive, it is an integral part of massage therapy. . Benefits include : -

Therapeutic herbs

Therapeutic herbs are derived from aromatic plants, and are used during a massage. They are chosen for their varying benefits and attributes. Picked fresh, cut into small pieces and mixed, these herbs are typically placed in a pouch for use