Tibetan singing bowls

Tibetan bowls are therapeutic sound massage instruments, used for centuries by Buddhist monks to meditate, harmonize chakras and heal through sonotherapy. Made in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and India, the bowls are made using an alloy of 7 different metals. They emit several sounds when the edge of the bowl is rubbed, using a mallet or a stick. The circular movement of the arm must be smooth and homogeneous to create the sound. Great resonance and powerful vibrations are obtained, which fascilitates an internal massage of the body and a connection with the 7 chakras.

Benefits include :

– it stimulates blood circulation
– improves the quality of sleep
– stimulates the endocrine glands
– increases vital energy
– reduces stress and anxiety
– helps to overcome difficult moments in life

Contraindications :

– pacemaker
– implants
– pregnancy
– young children